Dora the Explorer and Values

The way in which the show’s characters interact with one another also has an educational purpose.

The villain is a fox named Swiper, who always uses deception to steal things from Dora. This character acts as an example of how not to interact with others, and kids get it.

When the fox tries to steal something from Dora, she asks the little viewers to yell, “Swiper, no swiping!” This way, kids also become active agents of good values.

In Dora the Explorer, friendship carries an enormous amount of value. Dora and her friend Boots provide a great example of mutual support and affection.

The show reinforces the importance of cooperation and teamwork. The characters also exemplify a helpful attitude towards others.

One important element of the show is that Dora, on her many travels, learns about other cultures. When she encounters one, she adopts a position of curiosity and respect.

Due to this element, kids receive a multicultural perspective, where differences aren’t a source of conflict. Rather, they show how we complement one another. This is just one example of the show’s wisdom.

The show also teaches basic and necessary elements of healthy social interaction.

One example: saying hello and goodbye. It’s the sort of thing kids are just starting to learn at preschool age. They also learn how to say thank you, both in English and Spanish.